Fire Prayers

Holy my people. This last week, me and Elder Lima heard the most firey prayer probably in the history. It was actually a cool experience though. We saw his sister sitting on some maize sacks and approached her. She called for her brother and he came out and I realized it was someone I contacted in town, which is very far, who really wanted us to come months ago. But we were BRTing it up and then we were about to start and asked who he would like to pray, and then goes, “okay…” His eyes roll back and his arms just go straight up to the air and begins to SPIT FIRE for a solid 10 minutes. . . And now because of that, we know what we need to work on.

Lately me and Elder Lima have been trying to find the elect. And we have realized that in order to find really good people, you need to sift through a lot of people sometimes. I thought that finding people, and then teaching them and having them just instantly know it’s true would happen more. But it really shows that conversion doesn’t work like that. It’s between each individual and the Lord. If they are really willing to keep commitments with Him.

We got transfer news and I’m staying in Tzaneen for another one and with Elder Lima! Vamos La!

But I love Tzaneen and Limpopo and the Lord does too. He cares for these people and he wants them to be able to be brought into their fold. His work will go forth! He is in this work with all of us. I’m also so pumped for General Conference! Everyone should prepare questions that they want answered. Some of the best time to receive personal revelation for yourself.

I recently read D&C 138 and yoh! I felt my brain maxing out the mortal comprehend-ability level. I would read a verse and BOOM mind blown. Read another, another, just getting spiritual punches left and right until I was KO’D. The prophets of the dispensation of the restoration are true! Study their teachings. The things they taught apply to even us.

Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder Browning







The Malv Pud


Forget was baptized! It’s crazy to think that the first contact we had with her, she had no idea who we were or what we had to share. She was so awesome to teach and she will be a powerful ambassador for the gospel.

But last week me and Elder Lima did a ton of finding. And we were able to get a lot of new people who could be promising! We were going to Nkowankowa, Mokgolobotho & Tzaneen and just talking to everyone we saw and knocking on a lot of doors. Elder Lima’s English is slowly improving each day and things are going great!

I am absolutely in love with a dessert/desert (Can’t remember which one is correct. Lol) called Malva Pudding. Eish it’s so good. I was given the recipe and went a little nuts ever since I got it. But basically all I can say is, I’ll make it lots when I’m home. LOTS. Also custard I’m in love with. And that goes with Malva pudding so life is great brothers and sisters.

I just started the Book of Mormon again, and I’m reading 1 Nephi, and gosh, what a good story. And 1 Nephi 10:19 is such a good verse. We need to seek diligently. For me to open, read and close, that will do nothing for myself. But he who reads with the desire to learn is going to learn. These things are simple, but powerful.

Also with 1 Nephi, I am so HYPED about the Book of Mormon videos. Something that I can actually watch! They look good and every Monday from now on I’ll be making the Malv Pud with this. LETS GO BOY!

Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder Browning






My Brazilian Son

I’d say a bit has changed since I last wrote to the multitude.

So it’s Tuesday morning, about 6:15 AM and I was getting GAINZ while the phone goes off and it’s President Anderson. Answer and he tells me that I’m going to be training a new Brazilian missionary who was coming in halfway through this transfer. Didn’t tell me much else but asked to speak to Elder Poulsen who was also getting gainz and he is told he also is training a young buck.

So Elder Poulsen is going back again to his second area to train again. Haha! That poor Elder’s life has been groundhog day if I’ve ever seen one. But we went down to Polokwane for zone conference and we our seed there. My boy’s name is Elder Lima. When I met him, I realized that he spoke about as much English as I did Portuguese. Haha! So we’re working with it together. Very powerful though. Brazil makes them good. And he’s gonna teach me how to make legit rice and beans! LETS GO!

But zone conference was awesome. It was all about working with members. Something I think I can improve a lot on. He shared a quote from one of the apostles that said without using members, you cannot reach your potential as a missionary… So I got slapped in the face and am gonna try and work with members a whole lot more.

We were supposed to have a baptism on Sunday, but it was very “cold” for the people here and Forget’s mom didn’t want her to get sick riding in the back of a bakkie to church. So next week… But I’m praying she’ll get baptized eventually!

I just finished the Book of Mormon again yesterday! EISH that book is too good. The last few verses that Moroni writes are so powerful. After everything he has seen, after all of his experiences and what he possibly has to face ahead of him, he exhorts us to seek Christ and to come unto him.

I know that we can truly become perfected through and only Christ. And if we serve him and follow him with all our might, mind and strength, then his grace is sufficient for us. Such a powerful verse that when I read it, it really hit me to the core.

Have a blessed week!

Hurrah For Israel!

-Elder Browning

p.s. If anyone has any English teaching tips, just send it! Sharp!





The Lord is on our Side

The Lord is on our side Brothers and Sisters!

We had a good week to be honest though. We got to see lots of good people and they are pretty promising I would say. One of the people we met was Elijah, and it’s always the best when you leave them with the pamphlet to read and when you come back, they have read it! And even better is when they ask questions about it. And Elijah was exactly that person! And the lesson made complete sense to him. It’s so nice when that happens.

Also, we’re probably gonna be having 2 baptisms this week! They just need to be interviewed and then it’s sharp! Forget is super solid and I can already see it in 10 years her as a missionary with a powerful testimony! That’s what I like to see.

We also got to go to a mission farewell party and were able to send off Donald. We opened up his call for him 3 weeks ago and he’s already left for the MTC. Haha! Powerful guy though!

I’m almost done with the Book of Mormon again. I’m in Ether and I’ve really loved this time. I made it a goal to really go deep and study out each verse as much as possible. It’s amazing to see the difference from reading the Book of Mormon and studying the Book of Mormon. It’s a big, big difference. So try and study out in your mind the verses and you’ll walk away with some powerful insights you didn’t know before!

Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder Browning







This week we hit Tzaneen hard man. Last zone conference, we were shown President Ballard’s presentation at the Mission President Seminar, and our whole mission was kind of sjamboked about the putting people on date. Some people have thought how it is separating the wheat from the tares, but no no. How it needs to be a spirit led invitation. WUVED IT. Powerful.

So we’ve been trying to get Tzaneen to feel the spirit so they can know they need to make promises with God… So we opened up a new part of our area, Nkowankowa that was closed before I got here. We spent all of Wednesday there with nothing to do, but contact. And we got some power plays from it. We found the Mohlabe family, who was so receptive to our message. And it’s a father led family!

I’ve served around a lot of them Afrikaans folks in my days on mission, and I have made it such a goal to bring at least one of them the gospel. The Afrikaans are the white people who are basically Dutch. They’re stubborn those ones, but I’m happy to say that I’ve had 7 months of trying with these people and I’ve gotten in a few of their homes which is like a victory of the month, but nothing has become of it. But 2 days back, one of them stopped us and asked what we were doing. His name was Alex and he was asking what were the next steps to change. We had a really good discussion with him on how he can make the changes he needs. He had no idea who we were but he had a strong impression that he should stop us and ask who we were. AND that was immediately after we started our fast. Probably 5 minutes after. POWERFUL STUFF. Hoping he goes well! 

The Lord is in the work! Have a blessed week!

Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder Browning



Pretoria Visit

Hey everyone! I don’t have much time to say much, but a lekker week of a new transfer! We decided to push Forget’s baptism so that she can have a stronger testimony that will consist of her coming and staying in the church.

Elder Poulsen had a dentist appointment, so we got to drive the 4 hour drive down to Pretoria on Sunday night and didn’t get to the flat we were staying at until 11PM. But it was pretty neat to see a city with lots of white people around. Haha! And we also had Popeyes at Menlyn, so that’s a victory for all of us I’d say.

Not much else has happened, but I’m in Mormon in my personal reading, and I’m really amazed at how Mormon grew up most of his life just covered with wicked people. Yet, he never fell away and he always stayed true to his testimony. Something I admire a lot about him. When we are surrounded by people who don’t believe the same values that we do, it can be really hard to do what we know is right. But as we see with Mormon, he was an example of a true follower of Christ and stayed obedient to the very end. Let’s be more like Mormon and be POWERFUL!

Hurrah For Israel!

-Elder Browning


What a Wonderful Week!

Hello peoples!

What a wonderful week! We got some pretty sweet work done this week and saw how POWERFUL the Lords hand is in this work. But it’s transfer this week, and Elder Fawcett will be getting moved. We had a good 3 month run together. The new companion’s name is Elder Poulsen! He’s served here before, so this is the 3rd time my comp has served in the area before, so I’m cursed with that. Haha!

But in this area of Tzaneen, town has always been super tough getting anything done. But this week we had more new people in Tzaneen than in Mokgolobotho! One of them was a cool experience. Lemme tell about it, neh?

So we were out early on Saturday walking and trying to contact. We got stopped by some man who had us sit down with like 20 kids who didn’t speak any english. But we thought it would be good to plant seeds, then after our lesson we were walking away when this woman sitting on a bench with her HUSBAND and their CHILDREN stopped us and wanted to talk. So we were talking and sat down with them and they just seemed so happy, but like they were missing one piece to the puzzle. (the gospel) So we were talking about all these church things when we figured out that they know a member here in our branch already and was introduced before! And after we shared they were both like, wow. This is pure, true, undiluted gospel. We’re going back Thursday night and he said he was gonna cook us cow heels! So keep them in your prayers! I’m just glad that guy called us over and had us stall with those kids so that we could bump into the Bambo family. The Lord is in this work people!

TTFN! Love you all!

Hurrah For Israel!

-Elder Browning